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English Knowles is a left handed cook and amateur accordion player, originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains of western Virginia. Occassionally, when her glass of Home Grown has been filled one too many times, that appalachian accent gurgles out of her lips like a bluegrass banjo, surprising us all. She is happiest when surrounded by children and simmering pots, gripping a wooden spoon in her hand--though it is not always clear whether the spoon is for the rear ends of her children or the pots on the stove. Auntie English adores dancing, but not to her own accordion music, which often doesn't have much of a tempo, or even a plan of where it's going. However, it has been rumored that she has 6 pairs of tango shoes and likes to pretend she knows what she's doing on the dance floors of San Francisco . . after the kiddies are in bed and the dishes washed. English lives in Healdsburg, CA with her children Virginia, Ulysses and Lucas, and four chickens.

Philosophy: "Straightforward wine and honest cooking. It's the love around the table which makes it art."

Tammie Buchignani is a feisty, Italian ping pong shark with a love of American football. Like most Italians, when Tammie loves something, she loves it loudly. At 2pm on a hot July afternoon when the rest of us are thinking about blue pools of water and minted lemonade, Tammie is talking about football. Or money, the counting and organizing of which she's also skilled. Tell me this: how often do you get to sit down with a California gal with beautiful long brown ringlets, and have a conversation about football and money? I dare say this is a rarity and Tammie will not disappoint you when there are a couple open bottles of Home Grown on the table. Tammie's favorite weekend breakfast is fresh eggs and taters, and you should remember that because later this year we will be having an eggs n' taters recipe contest and our own Miss Tammie will make the final judging for the grand prize. Tammie lives in Windsor, California with her fabulous almost-adult children Brittney and Anthony . . . and her dog Jack Bandit.

Philosophy: "Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lime and a shot of tequila."


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