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Home Grown Farms Family Harvest Red is:

  • Syrah
  • Barbera
  • Petite Sirah

Approximately a third of each, field-blend-style, but we keep stirring the pot till it tastes right, so the proportions are liable to change . . .

Our Role Model: The Field Blend

A hundred years ago, when Italian families settled in California, they planted their grapes differently than we do today. There were no wire-trained plots of merlot, stretching for miles. Instead, they planted a few acres of head-pruned grapes, all mixed up: Carignane, Zinfandel, Palomino, funky Italian varietals . . .not even row by row, but all sprinkled together. No, they did not all ripen on the same day. But when there was a general family vibe that it was time to pick, they picked. The more ripe grapes gave plumpness; the less ripe grapes gave zip. Building character the old-fashioned way, layer by layer.

Most people dont grow or harvest grapes that way anymore. But those old Italian vineyards still exist in the hills of northern California, and the wines they create, called "Italian Field Blends" are the role model for Home Grown.


The grapes come from very special, carefully scrutinized, lovingly farmed coastal California Vineyards, chosen not only for the quality of fruit, but for the quality of the people who farm them. Because life is too short to do business with bad eggs, aye?

Flavor Profile

It has been noticed that different aromas flow from the glass depending on the disposition of the nose smelling or the tongue tasting, kind of mood-ring style. But here's a checklist of aromas and flavors folks have mentioned, on various days. You can print it out, if you want.

mulberry jam
sweaty saddle
blueberry buckle
roll in the hay
tapioca pudding
chocolate dipped lemon peel
kisses behind the newspaper
fresh dirt

Oak percentages, pH, T.A. etc etc. Hate to say it, but we just can't tell you this stuff. Because if we did, it wouldn't be a Secret Family Recipe, would it??? Instead, here is Auntie English's Blackberry Cobbler recipe, which is seriously good stuff, and the same color each time (dark purple), unlike a mood ring.

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